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Got3d Texture Store - 120 Casual People Textures
120 Casual People Textures

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120 Casual People Textures - Plus Matching Alpha Textures
Instant Download (45 Megs)

The collection consists of:
  • 120 Casual People - with Matching Alpha Textures
  • Standing, Walking and Sitting Poses are included.
  • Four angles for each pose.
  • High Texture Resolution - See Dimension Sheet for details.
  • All People Textures are saved in High Quality .JPG format.

    Image Dimensions:
    Click here for the "120 Casual People Textures" Dimension Sheet.

    Free Texture Sample:
    Free Casual People Texture

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    It's never been easier to accomplish people rich renderings.
  • 120 Casual People Textures

    Instant Download (45 Megs)
    120 Textures
    ONLY $65.00
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    120 Casual People Textures - User Examples
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    120 Casual People Textures - Texture Examples
    Click the thumbnails below to view larger samples.
    CsitCorey01 CsitCorey01alpha CsitCorey02 CsitCorey02alpha CsitCorey03 CsitCorey03alpha CsitCorey04 CsitCorey04alpha
    CsitEmily01 CsitEmily01alpha CsitEmily02 CsitEmily02alpha CsitEmily03 CsitEmily03alpha CsitEmily04 CsitEmily04alpha
    CsitFran01 CsitFran01alpha CsitFran02 CsitFran02alpha CsitFran03 CsitFran03alpha CsitFran04 CsitFran04alpha
    CsitHoward01 CsitHoward01alpha CsitHoward02 CsitHoward02alpha CsitHoward03 CsitHoward03alpha CsitHoward04 CsitHoward04alpha
    CsitJohn01 CsitJohn01alpha CsitJohn02 CsitJohn02alpha CsitJohn03 CsitJohn03alpha CsitJohn04 CsitJohn04alpha
    CsitMike01 CsitMike01alpha CsitMike02 CsitMike02alpha CsitMike03 CsitMike03alpha CsitMike04 CsitMike04alpha
    CsitRyan01 CsitRyan01alpha CsitRyan02 CsitRyan02alpha CsitRyan03 CsitRyan03alpha CsitRyan04 CsitRyan04alpha
    CsitSha01 CsitSha01alpha CsitSha02 CsitSha02alpha CsitSha03 CsitSha03alpha CsitSha04 CsitSha04alpha
    CsitTalea01 CsitTalea01alpha CsitTalea02 CsitTalea02alpha CsitTalea03 CsitTalea03alpha CsitTalea04 CsitTalea04alpha
    CsitTammy01 CsitTammy01alpha CsitTammy02 CsitTammy02alpha CsitTammy03 CsitTammy03alpha CsitTammy04 CsitTammy04alpha
    CstdCorey01 CstdCorey01alpha CstdCorey02 CstdCorey02alpha CstdCorey03 CstdCorey03alpha CstdCorey04 CstdCorey04alpha
    CstdEmily01 CstdEmily01alpha CstdEmily02 CstdEmily02alpha CstdEmily03 CstdEmily03alpha CstdEmily04 CstdEmily04alpha
    CstdFran01 CstdFran01alpha CstdFran02 CstdFran02alpha CstdFran03 CstdFran03alpha CstdFran04 CstdFran04alpha
    CstdHoward01 CstdHoward01alpha CstdHoward02 CstdHoward02alpha CstdHoward03 CstdHoward03alpha CstdHoward04 CstdHoward04alpha
    CstdJohn01 CstdJohn01alpha CstdJohn02 CstdJohn02alpha CstdJohn03 CstdJohn03alpha CstdJohn04 CstdJohn04alpha
    CstdMike01 CstdMike01alpha CstdMike02 CstdMike02alpha CstdMike03 CstdMike03alpha CstdMike04 CstdMike04alpha
    CstdRyan01 CstdRyan01alpha CstdRyan02 CstdRyan02alpha CstdRyan03 CstdRyan03alpha CstdRyan04 CstdRyan04alpha
    CstdSha01 CstdSha01alpha CstdSha02 CstdSha02alpha CstdSha03 CstdSha03alpha CstdSha04 CstdSha04alpha
    CstdTalea01 CstdTalea01alpha CstdTalea02 CstdTalea02alpha CstdTalea03 CstdTalea03alpha CstdTalea04 CstdTalea04alpha
    CstdTammy01 CstdTammy01alpha CstdTammy02 CstdTammy02alpha CstdTammy03 CstdTammy03alpha CstdTammy04 CstdTammy04alpha
    CwlkCorey01 CwlkCorey01alpha CwlkCorey02 CwlkCorey02alpha CwlkCorey03 CwlkCorey03alpha CwlkCorey04 CwlkCorey04alpha
    CwlkEmily01 CwlkEmily01alpha CwlkEmily02 CwlkEmily02alpha CwlkEmily03 CwlkEmily03alpha CwlkEmily04 CwlkEmily04alpha
    CwlkFran01 CwlkFran01alpha CwlkFran02 CwlkFran02alpha CwlkFran03 CwlkFran03alpha CwlkFran04 CwlkFran04alpha
    CwlkHoward01 CwlkHoward01alpha CwlkHoward02 CwlkHoward02alpha CwlkHoward03 CwlkHoward03alpha CwlkHoward04 CwlkHoward04alpha
    CwlkJohn01 CwlkJohn01alpha CwlkJohn02 CwlkJohn02alpha CwlkJohn03 CwlkJohn03alpha CwlkJohn04 CwlkJohn04alpha
    CwlkMike01 CwlkMike01alpha CwlkMike02 CwlkMike02alpha CwlkMike03 CwlkMike03alpha CwlkMike04 CwlkMike04alpha
    CwlkRyan01 CwlkRyan01alpha CwlkRyan02 CwlkRyan02alpha CwlkRyan03 CwlkRyan03alpha CwlkRyan04 CwlkRyan04alpha
    CwlkSha01 CwlkSha01alpha CwlkSha02 CwlkSha02alpha CwlkSha03 CwlkSha03alpha CwlkSha04 CwlkSha04alpha
    CwlkTalea01 CwlkTalea01alpha CwlkTalea02 CwlkTalea02alpha CwlkTalea03 CwlkTalea03alpha CwlkTalea04 CwlkTalea04alpha
    CwlkTammy01 CwlkTammy01alpha CwlkTammy02 CwlkTammy02alpha CwlkTammy03 CwlkTammy03alpha CwlkTammy04 CwlkTammy04alpha

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