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3d Road Models

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3d Road Models
Instant Download (65 Megs)

The collection consists of:
  • .MAX (5.1) and .FBX file formats with pre-modeled and pre-textured 3d road models that you can merge directly into your scene.
  • 54 High-resolution textures including diffuse, specular and bump maps.
  • A 3DS MAX5 material library containing 24 Roads & Surfacing.
  • Road texture maps are tileable and even interlock with each other to transition from one road type to another.
  • Standard road image maps are 2048 pixels long.

    Bonus Materials:
  • An additional 48 HIGH RESOLUTION image maps. (The images are the same, except the resolution starts at 4096 pixels long.)

    3d Road Models is a must have collection of realistic paved roads, curbs, gutters and concrete sidewalks.
  • 3d Road Models

    Instant Download (65 Megs)
    All 3d Models
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    3d Road Models - User Examples
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    3d Road Models - 3d Model Examples
    Click the thumbnails below to view larger samples.
    3d-model-road-curb-1 3d-model-road-intersection-1 3d-model-road-intersection-2 3d-model-road-overall
    3d-model-road-parking-1 3d-model-road-parking-2 3d-model-road-road-1 3d-model-road-road-10
    3d-model-road-road-2 3d-model-road-road-3 3d-model-road-road-4 3d-model-road-road-5
    3d-model-road-road-6 3d-model-road-road-7 3d-model-road-road-8 3d-model-road-road-9

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